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Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Chapter 3 : Intensity Transformation and Spatial Filtering


okay , now we talk about the intensity transformation and spatial filtering . actually , what the heck is this ?

well , let’s find out.

Generally now , we are talking about image enhancement that is the second step of the fundamental image processing steps that I mentioned in previous post .

what is enhancement? it is actually a process of increasing the quality of the image or we make the image looks nicer . anyway we’re gonna talk about this further , so just stay relax and enjoy the post..hehehe.

Introduction to spatial

basically , spatial is refers to the image plane. it about direct manipulation of the pixel in the image.

there are 2 categories in this processing :

1. intensity transformation : it’s about manipulation and tresholding the image.

2. spatial filtering : image sharpening and blurring

The simplest image processing technique is gray level transformation


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