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Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Chapter 2 : Fundamental Of Image Processing


Bismillah .

The next part we’re gonna talk here is about the fundamental of image processing . I’m gonna be a little bit more quick and straight forward here to make the time more efficient (especially my time,cos i have this exam tomorrow :-p ) .

okay then,so lets get started.

in this part actually we talk about the first step of image processing that i mentioned in previous post , that is

Image Acquisition , yup , that’s right , it’s about how we get the image . there are many ways , so let’s check these out.

  1. Acquisition using a single sensor








It’s actually a sensor moving left and right to scan the rotating film to produce the image.

2. Acquisition using sensor strips

It’s rather 3d object scanning than 2d.

3. Acquisition using array sensors

It’s using electromagnetic and ultrasonic to acquire the image from object.

Image Sampling and Quantization

To be suitable for computer processing, an image function f(x, y) must be digitized spatially and in amplitude :
-Digitized the coordinate values.
-Digitized the amplitude values: gray levels are converted to discrete values.

Sampling and Quantization Example

we need to understand , what is image sampling.

image sampling is a process of partitioning the xy plane into a grid (integer).

while gray level quantization is a process of quantifying the real pixel values in a gray levels (integer)
as you can see here , the greater the level , the smoother the change of the color , in other hand , lesser the level , the sharper change of color.
The quality of the digital image is only determined on :
1. the number of samples
2. the number of discrete gray levels
okay then , it’s enough for now , if u have any questions (i hope it’s not a hard one :-p ) just simply comment it , I’ll be very welcome . thanks

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  1. anshuman das

    what is the one word that is fundamental to image processing

    November 20, 2011 at 4:11 pm

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