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Image Processing and Pattern Recognition [Introduction]

pada kesempatan kali ini , ane akan membahas tentang image processing , yaitu subject yang ane ambil di semester terakhir ane ini..insyaAllah 😀 . berhubung besok ane ujian tentang ni subject , jadi ane bahasnya tentang image processing ini . hehe :-p , maklum jari susah jauh dari keyboard sampe2 ujian aja belajarnya pake ngeblog segala..hahaha :-p , anyway mari kita lanjutkan..

Lecture 1 : Introduction of image processing

yang jadi pertanyaan sekarang , apa itu image processing ?

image processing refers to “processing digital images by means of a digital computer”
maksutnya di sini itu , pemrosesan gambar dengan cara atau dengan menggunakan komputer digital.

apa tujuanya kita memproses gambar dengan komputer digital? nih dia

-improve the quality of images
-enhance or extract important information from images for better
-human understanding or machine perception
-produce special image effects.

kalo bahasa indonya

-meningkatkan kualitas gambar
-meningkatkan atau mengekstrak informasi2 penting dari gambar sehingga gambar menjadi lebih berguna
-menghasilkan efek2 gambar yang khusus 🙂

mengapa kita proses gambar ?

– memperoleh gambar
-correct aperture(lubang atau kerusakan) and color balance
-mengkonstruksi kembali gambar dari proyeksi
-prepare for display or printing
-mengatur ukuran gambar
-Facilitate picture storage and transmission
-Efficiently store an image in a digital camera
-Send an image from Mars to Earth
-Enhance and restore images
-Remove scratches from an old movie
-Improve visibility of tumor in a radiograph
– Extract information from images
-Read the ZIP code on a letter
-Measure water polution from aerial images

susah juga kalo ngomong masalah beginian pake bahasa indo , so from now on,let’s use english 😀

Origin of image processing

oke, so let’s now talk about the origin of image processing . It’s actually was started in the 1921 in media industry , the images were transmitted
through undersea cables , and then printed by telegram printers.

then , in the early improvement , the images start having the number of distinct gray lebels coded by bartlane system by the end of 1920.

it starts improving by having first picture of moon by US spacecraft Ranger 7 July 31, 1964 at 9:09AM.

Application of Image Processing

Medical Images
Multispectral Satellite Images
Image Processing in Manufacturing
Radar Image
Motion Pictures
Law Enhancement and Biometrics
Light Microscopy
Remote Sensing
Beyond Visible of Thermal Images
Visual Spectrum.

The fundamental steps in image processing
1.image acquisition
2.image enhancement
3.image restoration
4.color image processing
5.wavelets and multiresolution processing
7.morphological processing
9.representation & description
10.object recognition.

anyway,why do we need images?

-various imaging modalities help us to see invisible objects due to:
Opaqueness : for example see through human body
far distance (remote sensing)
small size(light microscopy)

other signal , for example (seismic) which can also be translated into images to facilitate the analysis

and of course , images are important to convey information and support reasoning

in other words

A picture is worth a thousand words!


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